GF - indicates gluten free or can be made gluten free

Steak House Potato Salad (GF)


French Fries


Baked Potato (GF)


Cole Slaw (GF)


Twice Baked Potato (GF)


Sour Cream (GF)


Steamed Asparagus (GF)


Guacamole (GF)


Merlot Mushrooms (GF)




Loaded French Fries


with bacon and cheese

Loaded Baked Potato (GF)


with bacon and cheese

Fried Potatoes w/ onion


with cheese $3.99

Fresh Steamed Vegetables (GF)


with herbed butter

Steamed Broccoli (GF)


with cheese sauce add $0.99

Homemade Soup


with fresh bread

Basket of Tortilla Chips